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Since April 20th, 2011, existing laws that protected human victims of dog attacks have been extended to include dog-on-dog violence in Arizona. A criminal penalty can now be imposed on an owner of an aggressive dog that is responsible for the attack of a domestic animal. According to the Law Office of Nathan C. Cooley, PLC, an aggressive dog is a dog that has a history of attacking or displaying vicious behavior to other humans or animals without provocation.

Fabian’s Law states that an owner that does not take reasonable care to prevent an attack by their dog may be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor. An owner who does not prevent their aggressive dog from escaping an enclosed area or residence may be charged with a class 3 misdemeaner if their careless actions resulted in the attack of another person or animal. Reasonable care refers to the care a prudent person would take if confronted with the same, or a similar situation.

People are responsible for their actions (or inaction) as well as the behavior of their dogs. If your pet has been the victim of an attack you may be entitled to compensation. The fault of the accident lies on the owner of the aggressive dog. There is no reason to allow yourself to suffer more than you already are. Nothing can undo the damage caused by an attack, but there are laws in place to minimize these damages. Consult an Arizona lawyer that is familiar with dog bite law to better understand your legal options.

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